We Empower Communities Through the Transformative Potential of art
Our Mission

To harness the power of art to drive meaningful social impact and catalyze positive change within communities

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Our Work

We aim to enhance artistic skills, increase community involvement, and strengthen local networks to address community issues ultimately improving artistry and critical thinking capacity.

Art, Wellness & Talk

Through the transformative power of art, we are promoting wellness and positive change. We use art-based initiatives and discussions to engage stakeholders to tackle societal issues. , we develop art based communication strategies and advocacy tools.

Community Engagement

We empower artists to use their talents as a force for positive change. Our art-centric initiatives raise awareness, challenge stereotypes, and advocate for social and environmental justice.


Art for Social Change

Utilizing artistic expression, we advocate for societal transformation, aiming to educate, raise awareness, and celebrate the influential role of art in addressing social and environmental issues. Our focus on children and youth stems from their heightened vulnerability to the negative consequences of social and environmental injustices.
We collaborate with children and young people living in marginalized communities, facing an increased likelihood of experiencing social and environmental injustices. These communities encompass informal settlements, conflict-affected areas, and regions characterized by extreme poverty.

We envision a world where the transformative power of art empowers communities to co-create a harmonious, just, and sustainable society, where every individual is inspired to contribute positively to collective well-being and meaningful social change.

Eco-Artistry for Environment Protection

Literacy Promotion & Art Creation in Rural Communities

Addressing Period Poverty & Stigma in Rural Communities

What Art?

The transformative power of art extends beyond the individual level. It can also influence societal attitudes and behaviors. Throughout history and in our present work, art has been an agent of change, driving social movements, and shaping cultural values. Art can challenge oppressive structures, promote inclusivity, and advocate for justice. It has the ability to unite people from diverse backgrounds, foster a sense of belonging, and create a more harmonious world.


Our Core Values

We believe in the boundless potential of creativity as a force for innovation, problem-solving, and self-expression.
We value collaboration as the cornerstone of our efforts to address complex social and environmental challenges.
We are committed to empowering individuals and communities to realize their full potential and effect meaningful change in their lives and surroundings.
We uphold integrity in all aspects of our work, maintaining transparency, honesty, and ethical standards.

Recent News

Period Poverty & Stigma -Study
We just launched our baseline survey report on ending period poverty and stigma in Kinyamaseke Town Council
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2024 Day of the African Child
Last month, we commemorated the Day of the African Child with over 400 children in Kinyamaseke reading and interacting together
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Skilling & Mentorship
Teenage mothers, out of school boys & girls from rural Kinyamaseke are undergoing training in fashion & design, carpentry & photo story telling.
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