Call for Submissions – Plastic Pollution Challenge – Deadline – 27th August, 2023.

In Partnership with The Pollination Project, The Earth Connection Through Art project under the auspices of Usanii Village Africa is launching the #BEATPLASTICPOLLUTIONCHALLENGE 2023 seeking innovative and creative solutions with an aspect to mitigate plastic, and turn useless plastic wastes into useful and helpful products beneficial to the people while increasing awareness on the plastic pollution challenge in communities of Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya.

Artists are encouraged to submit visual artwork that invokes deep reflection on the plastic pollution and artistic ideas contributing to the reduction of plastic waste and alternatives for plastic materials. Our aim is to showcase artwork that stimulates the mind and prompts viewers to engage in thoughtful consideration of these important issues to inspire positive change for more equal, just and sustainable societies.

Why Apply?

1. You will gain access to special training to transform your ideas into reality. Your ideas have a chance to be prototyped into a real product and stand an opportunity to be displayed in an exhibition and Conference in to be held in Uganda. They will be seen and maybe acknowledged by different sectors in society including but not limited to government bodies, schools, businesses and many more.

2. It is an opportunity that utilizes your imagination, as Rhonda Bryne said, “Your imagination is an extremely powerful tool.” Everyone is unique, and your ideas have the power to create a better future for Uganda and the world.

3. An opportunity to network and interact with other artists and experts across the world and share the same passion as yours.

4. Stand chances of winning upto UGX 1 Million and sponsorships to attend the 2023 Earth Connections Through Art Conference and Exhibition in Uganda.

Categories of Entries - submit your plan to us:

Awareness Focused Art; Does your artwork invoke thinking and mindset change in the usage and management of plastics? Acceptable submissions; visual artwork (sketches), photography (final image in HD) and poems (video and script).

Upcycling Ideas; Does your artwork aim at transforming plastic waste into products of equal or higher quality? This may include repurposing recyclable waste in order to turn it from something that is unwanted to a creative piece of genius.

Alternative Artistic Product; Does your idea offer an environmentally friendly product to be used instead of plastic?

Selection criteria;

Each entry will be selected by an international jury based on the following criteria:

1. Uniqueness and originality

2. Technique and aesthetics

3. Message and significance

Apply Now 

For any questions regarding this application, please email us; or WhatsApp +256 394 512 286.