Striving for a Peaceful World for Children and Youth

We are a youth led non-profit organization in Uganda East Africa looking forward to creating a peaceful world for children and youth. Usanii Village Africa looks forward to causing a positive impact in the society and through working with children and youth, who are a core of development of the community they can communicate ideas on issues that affect them and the environment and with the utmost auspice, they can come with innovative ideas that contribute to the development of their communities.


Creating a peaceful word for children and you

Just like science, art is an approach that when utilized to detail, can cause transformation in the community such as promoting interaction in public space, increasing civic participation through celebrations, engaging children and youth in the community, promoting the power and preservation of place, broadening participation in the civic agenda and addressing climate change. Therefore, our core is at using the art approach to create an environment where the young people can innovate and invent to ignite change in their society. 

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Our Focus Areas

Gender Equality

We aim at using art to prevent violence against women and girls as an essential for their economic prosperity and safe space. 


We believe that the environment play an important role in healthy leaving and the existence of life on planet earth.


We believe that through education, people become better citizens through making informed decisions.

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Our Team

Abigail Achika Ayot Advisory Board Chairperson

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Bernard B. Molho Founder/Executive Director

Chloe Vann Director of Development & Partnerships
Cyrus Turinawe Director Quality Assurance

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Mumbere Monday Goeffry Programme Administrator

Awidi Cynthia Akello Finance Officer
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Namayanja Bernadette Claire Advisory Board Member 

Sande Elison Oundo Advisory Board Member 

Owomugisha Ruth Advisory Board Member 
Amwenyo Annet  Advisory Board Member 

Aggie Kwong ECTA Programme Coordinator

Lois Yu
Lois Yu ECTA Programme Coordinator